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How to go with a business with Topworks, a China offshore mold maker ?

  •  Send us quotation with your part drawing–generally it take 2-3 working days, and our price is based on FOB ningbo, mold structure information, steel information, mold life, lead time, payment terms all will be specified in the quotation sheet.
  • P.O. confirmed
  • DFM stage–include the mold’s spec., standard, parting line layout, draft issue, gate details, cooling, ejection layout, cam structures, surface requirements–this DFM is an PowerPoint file, will send to customer side for confirmation.
  • 2D&3D mold design–this is started based on the DFM confirmed info., the tooling will be only started with the approval of the customer side.
  • Tooling stage–weekly progress report will be sent on every Monday, with the lastest machined photos attached in the file.
  • Mold test–will take testing video and upload to ftp site for customer checking, and will offer 10-20 shots free samples delivered to customer side for assembly checking and functional checking. Will offer molding parameters to customer, and also the full dimensions inspection reports!
  • Sample approval and injection molding
  • injection molding OR plastic mold shipment–2D,3D mold drawing, final molding parameters, mold testing video, steel certifications, spare parts, electrodes, all these will be shipped together with the molds.

In all the process, customer information and the drawing patent will be highly protected!

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