30% Cost Cut on China Injection Molding

Among Topworks Plastic Molding’s core business areas, injection molding is one of its key areas, and its injection molding department primarily deals with high quality PC and PMMA injection molding .

The project aims to improve China’s injection molding product quality, both in terms of quality and efficiency, and to control manufacturing costs.

As part of its high-end manufacturing system, the company uses the latest technologies for mold maintenance, nitrogen injection molding, and automation.

A total of 30 injection molding machines range in weight from 40 tons to 1300 tons, ensuring high quality products and increasing production capacity.

For the different requirements of different customers, there are different kinds of injection molding machines that can be used.

It is our team’s expertise in the injection molding industry that makes us stand out. With us, you’ll find a wide variety of household and industrial products, as well as electronic appliances.

  • We have experience in both horizontal and vertical injection molding as well as overmolding in plastic engineering;
  • Product quality is stable with standard operation;
  • Improving production efficiency continuously;
  • Our company is dedicated to understanding customer needs, and to providing high-quality Chinese injection molding solutions that meet or exceed expectations.